Has Teen Vaping Become An Epidemic In The US?

Research outcomes have shown an increase in vaping among the youth and that the use of e-cigars has reached an alarming level thus Dr. Jerome Adams, a Surgeon General in the US, has declared it an “epidemic”.

For example, when gauged, it was found that one in five senior high school goers engaged in vaping in the past month.

As much as it is not allowed by law to sell minors e-cigars, and it is banned in some US states selling to those under 21, several kids find no problem laying their hands on e-cigars through online stores or brick and motor outlets. Just ask any alcohol vendor and they will tell you that kids will always find a way to get their hands on what they want.

Teenagers who are intent on keeping the authority, parents or guardians in the dark do not find any trouble in achieving their goal mainly because these small devices which are powered by battery could be plugged into their computer to charge and be mistaken for disk drives. Many teachers have already confiscated such devices at an alarming rate over the last 12 months, but teachers have admitted that kids are getting quite clever as to how they hide them.

These devices contain nicotine spiked liquids usually soaked with flavors that are attractive to children such as fruit and bubble gums. The liquid in the device is converted into vapor that is inhaled by the user hence the name “vaping” applied in describing e-cigar usage.

The US Surgeon General Alex Azar who is the secretary to the Human Services and Health said in a News conference that the vapor in the devices could be quite harmful contrary to what is understood by many.

“And we are made to understand that aerosol found in e-cigars is water vapor without any harm,” he also said, “something that my son who is 14 years alleged to be true, is a fallacy.”

Dr. Adams continued to name the long term and immediate dangers of using e-cigar.

“We are aware that exposing the adolescent to nicotine can exclusively hurt the adolescent attention, memory, impacting learning and brain,” he said. “We also know that exposing the brain during this important time could lead to added addictions.”

Azar the HHS Secretary said that people who are doing their best to quit smoking regular cigarettes see e-cigarette as a better alternative with lots of value. However, he advised against taking e-cigars for whatever reason unless as an aid to help end smoking.

“Many adult Americans can be helped through their addiction to ordinary cigarettes by e-cigarettes,” he said. “But they cannot be allowed to lure youthful Americans to another addiction.”

Sam Miller, a teen counselor and therapy provider, suggests that all parents learn about the dangers of these devices but to not use fear as a tool to teach their child. In a recent article, he suggested that parents remain calm when talking to their kids as you do not want to give your child a reason to use this device as a form of rebellion otherwise your attempts at talking to them could cause more harm and irrevocable damage.

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