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Man charged with stealing £5.6m crown jewels from Sweden’s Royal Family | World | News

Man charged with stealing £5.6m crown jewels from Sweden’s Royal Family | World | News 1074334 1

Two crowns and an orb worth £5.6million were stolen from Strangnas cathedral when two men smashed through an alarmed glass display.

The thieves fled the 900-year-old gothic church, and are believed to have escaped via the lakes around the area.

Police have not yet recovered the jewels months on from the heist on July 31.

The items may have been taken out of the country.

The jewels were used for the funerals of King Karl IX and Queen Kristina.

They were made in 1611 to be placed in the burial tombs of King Karl and his second wife Krisrina, who died 14 years later.

This was to signify a deceased royals identity and social ranking.

Karl IX was King of Sweden from 1604 until his death in 1611.

Overall the items are worth 65 million kroner in Swedish currency and date back to 1611.

Bishop Johan Dalman of Stragnas cathedral said at the time of the theft: “They have stolen a piece of Swedish history and dealt a blow against the whole nation.”

He said his thoughts and prayers were with the police and staff who were dealing with the theft.

Although the jewels have an estimated value of £5.6million, police say they are “invaluable”.

Police spokesperson Thomas Agnevik told Swedish television channel SVT in August: “I have talked to a person at the county administrative board that says its not possible to put an economic value on this, these are the invaluable objects of national interest.”

Police have arrested and charged a 22-year-old for theft.

Another has been arrested but not charged.

Source : EXPRESS

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