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Blood Moon 2019: End of the world coming as moon turns RED – shock claim | Weird | News 1073739 1

On January 21, the moon will take on a slight red taint in something known as a blood moon. However, several other events also line-up on that day, with it also marking the midway point of Donald Trump’s presidency and the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Tu B’Shevat. While a blood moon is a fairly common experience in itself, one Rabbi believes this one will signify the end of days.

Rabbi Yekutiel Fish believes that when the blood moon appears, all Jews should head for Israel as it will be the only safe haven for Jewish people.

The Rabbi’s logic is that the blood moon will not be visible in Israel, which is a sign that it is a message to America, he claims.

Speaking the Breaking Israel News, Rabbi Fish said: “Nonetheless, the lunar eclipse over North America bears a message for the US and the Jews.

“It clearly is telling the Jews that they need to come to Israel.”

Rabbi Fish adds that there is a large amount of political tension across the globe, and this is also a sign of the beginning of the end.

He continued: “This is the period we are entering now. There will be great tragedies that will bring down governments and great human suffering.

“Only by doing God’s will can tragedies be avoided or lessened.

“Anyone who is not Jewish can do God’s will wherever he is. For the Jews who are still in the exile, the only way they can avoid tragedy is by coming to Israel.

“If any Jew was waiting for the last moment before leaving, this is it.”

However, scientists have a more simplistic and natural explanation for the blood moon.

When the moon begins to emerge from the Earth’s shadow following a lunar eclipse, this is when the blood moon will occur.

This is because the light from the sun is being bent when it passes through the Earth’s atmosphere.

This bizarre effect is known as ‘Rayleigh scattering’, which filters out bands of green and violet light in the atmosphere during an eclipse leaving just a red glow.

Source : EXPRESS

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