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Divorce Remorse – The Basics

Divorce is a horrible nasty sounding word which nobody likes to hear as it brings back bad memories and feelings whenever we hear it. Divorce certainly lives up to its name. D for disastrous, disruptive, disturbing, disappointing, disagreeing, dismissing, dissolving, dividing etc.

Divorce however is much more common these days as more and more couples file for divorce. A divorce can be very disturbing as everything has to be taken into consideration especially if there are children involved. Divorce can effect children badly. They may become withdrawn or disruptive at school. Although divorce may be the answer for the parents, divorce is a very difficult situation for a child to adjust to.

After living with both parents it can be so dramatic for them to all of a sudden have only one parent around them. Rules and priorities may change so much that the child feels as though their whole world has been turned upside down. This is when a child can become very argumentative and desires everything their own way. You need to see things from a child's point of view and put yourself in their place and then review the situation.

For older children you will be able to talk and discuss matters but for the younger ones who do not understand they will be much harder to reason with and pacify. However, they say that time is a great healer and you will need to be very patient during the process.

Divorce can happen to anyone at any time. Divorce can also happen at any age. Whether you are young or old it is just as difficult to deal with and you will need to be strong to survive a divorce.

A divorce can be very tragic when deciding which items will go with whatever especially if things have been bought between you or things given to you both from relatives or friends and as wedding presents, anniversary presents, birthday and Christmas presents.

It can be very difficult deciding which things would be better with whatever as you will probably still stay in contact with most of each others friends who will no doubt visit both of you at some time during the future in your new abodes.

Divorce proceedings do take time to finalise so you will both need to be patient until things get resolved. It is bet to sort things amicably if you can as the divorce courts can be harsh and impersonal and also costly.

Divorced couples may find it difficult to re-enter the so-called singles market again as times may have changed over the years since they went out. Divorced couples may also not want to run the risk of bumping into their former lover or even their ex-husbands associates when they go out.

It will be very difficult to avoid everyone from your past and sooner or later you will probably bump into someone who you wish you had not. You will need to keep your cool in this situation and act confidently and calmly. Once you have done this once you will know how to react in the future. There are many divorce clubs that you could join and also divorce advice is available on-line.

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