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World War 3: China will SUFFOCATE US with ‘UNRESTRICTED WAR’ – strategist | World | News

World War 3: China will SUFFOCATE US with ‘UNRESTRICTED WAR’ – strategist | World | News 1071126 1

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China and the US currently have a mutual political, economic and security interests, despite an ongoing dispute over several countries in the China Sea. Both Xi Jinping and Donald Trump have held military drills on land and water to boast new state-of-the-art technology in recent months as a show of power. However, Chinese military strategist Wan Xiangsui explained how his country could crush the US without even firing a bullet, should they have to.

Mr Xiangsui revealed how an arms race no longer makes sense to any power bent on world domination. 

He detailed on Amazon Prime’s “Empires at War” how China is instead focusing on dominating the global economy to gain total control of the world.

He revealed on the 2015 series: “Our new threat is not to involve a direct confrontation between one country and another. 

“Today it is no longer guns against guns, airplane against airplane or tank against tank.

“Confrontation takes many forms, in many different areas, for example in finance or the media. 

“The objects of this new kind of conflict is the same as military confrontation. 

“We want to force the enemy to accept certain conditions. 

“It’s still war, but the war today goes beyond military demand, it’s what we call an unrestricted war.”

China showed this economic strength on February 27, 2007, when the main American stock indexes plunged unexpectedly.

The cause of the mini-crash began in Shanghai, China, where the stock market suddenly lost 9%, taking the whole world down with it.

After the Chinese market drop, the US stock exchange lost 416 points, or 3.29% from 12,632 to 12,216 – the biggest one-day slide since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Source : EXPRESS

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