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Michael Gove turns air blue as he blasts Labour on Brexit | Politics | News

Michael Gove turns air blue as he blasts Labour on Brexit | Politics | News 1070736 1

Michael Gove turns air blue as he blasts Labour on Brexit | Politics | News 468x60 club cash banner

Using some robust language, Michael Gove tore into the dithering Labour leader for his endless policy flip-flops over the UK’s departure from the EU. “We now know from Labour’s own frontbench that their official Brexit position is b****cks,” the Environment Secretary told the Commons during the debate on Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement. His forthright verdict followed a speech by the opposition leader demanding a general election and a postponement of the EU departure date yet failing to put forward any alternative plan.

In his speech, in Wakefield, West Yorks, Mr Corbyn urged the Prime Minister: “Call that election – and let the people decide.”

Conservative Party chairman Brandon Lewis backed Mr Gove’s outspoken blast last night.

He said: “Labour simply do not have a plan for Brexit.

“Instead they are arguing in public about whether to frustrate the decision of the British people and rerun the referendum.

“While they play politics we will act in the national interest – delivering on the referendum decision with the right Brexit deal and building a country that works for everyone.

“After nearly two years of long and complex negotiations, Labour would take us back to square one.”

Mr Gove turned the air in the Commons chamber blue as he opened the second day of debate with a barnstorming speech.

The Environment Secretary ridiculed Labour by seizing on a remark made by shadow EU exit secretary Barry Gardiner last year about the six tests the Labour leadership had set to back any Brexit deal.

Offering mocking praise for the frontbencher’s “truth and perfect clarity”, the Mr Gove said the Commons was grateful for his casting of light on “the testicular nature” of Labour’s six Brexit tests.

Mr Gove said: “He summed them up, pithily, in a word which in Spanish translates as ‘cojones’ and in English rhymes with ‘rollocks’.”

He also poked fun at Commons Speaker John Bercow, whose wife Sally has a sticker with the slogan “B*****cks to Brexit” displayed in her car.

“I know, Mr Speaker, there are some distinguished citizens in this country who have put on their cars a poster or sticker saying ‘B*****cks to Brexit’ – but we now know from Labour’s own frontbench that their official Brexit position is b****cks,” Mr Gove said.

He added: “I have to say that the shadow international trade secretary is a jewel and an ornament to the Labour front bench.

“He speaks the truth with perfect clarity, and in his description of Labour’s own policy can I say across the House we’re grateful to him, grateful to the constant Gardiner for the way in which he has cast light on the testicular nature of Labour’s position.”

Lib Dem MP Sir Ed Davey called a point of order, asking whether the Speaker had “made a new ruling on Parliamentary language which I am not aware of?” Mr Bercow replied that Mr Gove had not been disorderly and use of the word was “a matter of taste”.

Urging MPs to back the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement, Mr Gove said: “All of us might have a perfect version of Brexit, a change here, an alteration there – but we all have to accept our responsibility next Tuesday to decide, are we going to honour that verdict?” He forecast that “Britain will prosper eventually” without a Brexit deal but warned: “There will be economic turbulence and damage that our constituents face.”

He added: “We must ensure that the British people’s vote is honoured, that their future is safeguarded, Britain can embrace the opportunities that our people deserve in the future.”

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