Netflix warning: Your account could be at risk if you share Netflix passwords with others

Netflix warning: Your account could be at risk if you share Netflix passwords with others 1070121 1

Netflix warning: Your account could be at risk if you share Netflix passwords with others 468x60 club cash banner

Netflix is one of the world’s most popular video streaming services and offers an array of TV shows, films and more for customers.

But it is no secret that many users of the service share their password with family, friends or significant others so they can indulge in Netflix’s deluge of content.

However, UK firm Synamedia is determined to mitigate password sharing with a new service dubbed “Credentials Sharing Insight” that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to detect behaviour associated with such an action.

Synamedia showed off the new service at CES 2019, a technology show that takes place in Las Vegas every year, and explained it looks at various user behaviours to make its assertions.

The UK company claims by looking at variables such as where the streaming service is being used, the content watched, the device used to watch it and more it can calculate a probability of how likely it is a particular user is sharing their password.

Streaming services such as Netflix are able to pay for access to Synamedia’s initiative that will grant them the data in question.

Discussing Synamedia’s methods, Jean-Marc Racine, the CTO of the firm, told The Verge: “A typical pattern would be you have a subscriber that is simultaneously watching content on the East Coast and West Coast of the US.

“That’s unlikely to be the same person.”

Once data has been analysed, the streaming service can then decide the course of action for users believed to be sharing their passwords.

It is expected anything from sending an email alerting the user to more premium account models that allow more than one person to access the service to a complete account ban entirely are possible repercussions.

Speaking about possible consequences, Racine went on: “The approach is that people tend to be not too punitive about it.

“They up-sell services instead.”

The CTO also commented on the “growing concern about piracy” from video streaming services such as Netflix.

He stated at this moment in time firms want to maximise revenue which can be hindered by password sharing.

Racine remarked: “After a while, there is a growing concern about piracy, and companies want to ensure they’re maximising their revenue.”

Although Synamedia has not declared which companies are currently trialling its new scheme, it already sells different services to the likes of Disney, Sky and AT&T.

Source : EXPRESS

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