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McFly set to reform this year, revealing new album plans

McFly set to reform this year, revealing new album plans mcbusted

English pop band McFly look set to reform this year, with a new album appearing to be on the cards.

In what could be the biggest reunion announcement since the Spice Girls, McFly’s Dougie Poynter has sent fans into a frenzy when he confirmed that the boys are getting back together.

According to the Mirror, during an appearance on the Sappenin’ podcast, Dougie revealed that he, along with bandmates Harry Judd, Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones will be returning to the studio to work on new material in 2019.

It has been 15 years since McFly burst on the scene and there was a worry that a tour more than two years ago would be the last we saw of the hugely popular boy band.

On the podcast, Dougie said: “McFly will at least start writing by the summer and I can’t wait.

“I love that band and I love the guys. It’s awesome.”

This will be music to the ears of their fans, who have McFly to the top of the charts on seven occasions and 19 top ten tunes.

They then morphed into McBusted, when they joined Busted for an album and tour in 2014.

The band briefly merged with Busted to form McBusted

While the return of McFly will be welcomed by many, Dougie actually reveals that this comeback is twelve months later than he had first hoped.

Speaking to Sean Smith on the podcast, the 31-year-old bassist said: “We decided to take some time off after we did McBusted because it was a two-year tour and there was naturally some other things everyone wanted to do.

“It actually worked out really well because all the other guys had kids in that time, so they’ve all been home for their kids.

“It almost happened last year but someone had a project or something that was coming up smack bang in the middle. And we just didn’t think there was any point.”

While it will be the summer months when the boy band get together again in the studio, Dougie revealed that he is already working on a few songs.

He said: “I secretly kind of am, I’ve got a bunch of ideas so I’m waiting for when we go in.”

Source : BirminghamMail

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