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Brexit news: Jeremy Hunt tells Theresa May to STAND DOWN in ‘next few months’ | UK | News

Brexit news: Jeremy Hunt tells Theresa May to STAND DOWN in ‘next few months’ | UK | News 1059616 1

Brexit news: Jeremy Hunt tells Theresa May to STAND DOWN in ‘next few months’ | UK | News 468x60 club cash banner

The Foreign Secretary has admitted he wants “a crack” at succeeding Theresa May after the Prime Minister sees us through “the next few challenging months”. Mr Hunt said: “I think every MP has a corner of their heart that says they would like to have a crack at the top job. I’m no different.”

Although the MP for South West Surrey believes “Theresa May is the right person” to lead the UK out of the bitter bloc, he called for her to stand aside after March 29.

He said: “I think the first thing is to get us through this challenging next few months.”

In what is a clear pitch for the leadership, the Foreign Secretary said although a no deal would cause some disruption the country has faced much bigger challenges than leaving the bloc without a deal.

He told The Sunday Telegraph: “I’ve always thought that even in a no-deal situation this is a great country, we’ll find a way to flourish and prosper.

“We’ve faced much bigger challenges in our history.

“But we shouldn’t pretend that there wouldn’t be disruption, there wouldn’t be risk, and there wouldn’t be impact and that’s why as a responsible Government we have to make all the preparations necessary.”

The South West Surrey MP voted Remain in 2016 but has said he has since changed his mind.

Mr Hunt, who in July replaced arch-Brexiteer Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary, said Mrs May is the only person who can secure the changes necessary for MPs to get behind her deal, because EU leaders respect her and “know how hard she has been working”.

Mr Hunt’s upbeat remarks on a no deal scenario come amid rising tensions in Mrs May’s Brexit war cabinet.

Ministers have become highly charged over whether a no-deal outcome is preferable to a second referendum or a soft exit.

Tory Chief Whip Julian Smith has been under attack from Tory Brexiteers for holding talks with his Labour counterpart several times a week.

His actions have prompted fears he is discussing a soft Brexit in order to secure voters from the left to vote for the Tories.

Current and former ministers are all in a race to replace Mrs May in the event of her deal collapsing in the Commons if she fails to secure better concessions from the EU.

Amber Rudd, the Work and Pensions Secretary, said Downing Street needed to “engage with others and be willing to forge a consensus” in case opposition to the agreement was not overcome.

She said that no-deal “must not happen”.

Mr Hunt’s words will be welcomed by Brexiteers who insist that a no-deal scenario would be better for the country than Mrs May’s current agreement.

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