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Weight loss: New Pegan diet helps lose weight

Weight loss: New Pegan diet helps lose weight 1059463 1

Weight loss is at the forefront of many people’s minds during the festive season and new year holiday. While some choose to over-indulge on Christmas food and chocolate, some will be making new year resolutions to get healthy. A new diet trend called the Pegan diet has become one of the hottest new weight loss trends promising healthier Travel and trimmed pounds. What is the Pegan diet and how does its help dieters lose weight?

The Pegan diet is a combination of a vegan diet – cutting out all products created from animals – and the paleo diet, also know at the caveman diet.

Created by Dr Mark Hyman, foods that are to be avoided include dairy and grains. Dairy substitutes such as nut milk or coconut yogurts are allowed in the diet.

Meat is allowed, as long as it is sustainably sourced and grass fed.

Eggs, fruit and vegetables are also included along with nuts and seeds with 75 per cent vegetables recommended, including bamboo shoots, cauliflower and tomatoes.

Dr Hyman advised the Pegan diet offers the best of both of the diets without restricting necessary elements.

He told Mind Body Green how those who follow the vegan diet are “unlikely to be getting the amount of quality proteins and essential amino acids,” as well as “iron, zinc, copper, or vitamin D”.

A paleo diet also offers the same problem, being “too much meat and too few plant-based foods”.

However, the Pegan diet ultimately allows lots of vegetables, reducing sugar and avoiding processed and non-organic foods.

It is also warned not to be a fad diet for a limited time, and more of a lifestyle choice for long term health goals.

Another popular diet which Britons are following is the Keto diet, or ketogenic diet.

The diet focuses on high fat foods and fatty fish, with red meat and sausages included.

Eggs, butter and cream all feature, along with nuts and seeds and oils.

While this may sound luxurious, high carb foods are not included as well as sugary foods such as smoothies and chocolate.

Fruit is also cut out, along with beans, legumes and even alcohol, making it a difficult one during the festive season.

Dieters are also warned of the Keto Flu, with symptoms emerging during the beginning of the diet.

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