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These Easy IPod Instructions Will Have You Listening to Your Music in No Time Flat!

If you unfortunately need easy iPod instructions, you're not alone. The iPods do not come with printed instruction manuals, so how do you know what to do with them? My first iPod shuffle came with a small folder that explained I should download iTunes and plug in the iPod … but where? To what? And what should I do after that? I was completely lost.

When you are ready to use your iPod for the first time, have these instructions handy.

First, before you worry about the iPod itself, begin by installing iTunes. You can do a simple search for iTunes on your computer and it will be the first thing that pops up. Download the program – it's free – and go through any set up instructions.

Then you can begin adding your music to the iTunes program. You can do this by putting CDs in your drive and downloading the songs, or you can go to the iTunes store and purchase your favorite music. You can also download the songs already on your computer. iTunes often does this automatically on startup, and depending on how many songs you have on your computer, this could take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

Once you're done with the music you want to put on iTunes, simply plug the iPod into your computer by way of the USB cable. Since this is the first time you've used the iPod, it will take some time to charge. Your computer might not recognize the iPod for up to thirty minutes while the charging happens, so be patient!

When the charge has started and the iPod is recognized by your iTunes program, it will start to sync the iPod. This means it will download all the songs automatically. Do not disconnect the iPod during this time, and be patient – this first sync will almost always be the longest one you will ever do.

If you do not want the sync to put everything on your iPod, there is a way to prevent it. Go to your iTunes options and choose "Manually Manage Music". Depending on which model you have, the words may vary slightly, but it means the same thing! Once you have chosen the manual mode, you will be able to simply click and drag any song you want onto your iPod. Click on it, drag it to the iPod icon, and drop it there. The song will download automatically.

When you have the songs that you want on your iPod, you're done! Choose "Eject" before you unplug the iPod from the computer. Put in the earbuds and begin to play with the iPod controls. They are very clear and self-explanatory, but take the time to look them over anyway, and soon you will be able to choose the function you want by simply touching the pad, and you will not have to look at the screen or the wheel.

And that's it! You're done with the iPod instructions, and you're ready to go. Enjoy!

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