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PSP Download Site Review – How To Find PSP Games Online

The PSP is a bought after portable entertainment device. It can play games, music, and videos – among other things. So if you are in the market for PSP downloads, you'll want to read on … Purchasing music, games and other material (one file at a time) for your PSP can get really expensive, but there are ways to get around this.

The best way to find PSP downloads is via the Internet. Using the Internet, a large selection of PSP downloads are available. Imagine raiding a game store and getting the best games free! You only really have 2 options when using the Internet to get PSP downloads. I want to share them with you:

1. Free download sites – Some sites on the Internet offer free PSP downloads.


* Free


* Availability of games is limited

* Slow Downloads

* Games are older versions and not compatible with newer systems.

* Some of these sites will often try to install unwanted software, virus, keystroke logger, trojans, worms etc …

If you are only a casual PSP user, this might be OK for you. On the other hand, serious PSP gamers would have little to gain from this type of site. Basically – anything that is free usually has an motive behind it.

2. Pay-Per-Download Sites – Then there are sites that offer PSP downloads on a pay-per-download basis.


* These sites have newer games

* Larger selection of downloadable files

* Virus, Adware, Trojan & Spyware free


* Not free – usually about $ 40 for lifetime unlimited access.

A good rule of thumb is that paying per download is OK if you are after only one or two games. Any more than that and you will save money by paying a one off charge and getting unlimited access to a pay-site.

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