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The 5 Love Languages

Gary Chapman has been a marriage counselor for 30 years and married to his wife for over 45 years, you might guess he knows a thing or two about how marriages and relationships work. John Gray summed it all up with his "Men are from Mars, Women are From Venus" seminal work published back in the 1990's. Men and women are not just anatomically different but perceive the ways in which their partners behaved in different ways. What a guy thinks is an affirmation of his love may well come across as infuriating to his other half, just as men view a woman to be nagging when they are only trying to organize the best for those they love.

With divorce rates rising there have never been a better time to understand how to repair a marriage or get a relationship back on track. Why make the legal profession any richer?

The 5 love language is based on the principles of

• Affirmation

• Quality time

• Receiving Gifts

• Acts of Service

• Physical touch

Each of us has a love tank, according to Mr. Chapman, that we need to keep refurbished. Using the five simple principals anyone can learn how to keep their partner tanked up on love whilst at the same time learning to speak the same language, both subliminally and latterly, as their partner

Today it is all far too easy to end a relationship that is in trouble. As with everything one does in life reward is directly proportional to effort and input. The same is true of any relationship and more so where two people who love each other live together. Communication is the key to success in this as in any other task one undertakes. Work at it and your relationship will become richer and more rewarding for both you and your partner. We all have different ways of showing and expressing our love, be it doing the washing up or ironing the laundry; not everything is dependent upon extravagant and expensive gifts. Although gift giving is one of the 5 languages ​​of love that Gary Chapman talks about, such gifts can also be gifts of time, commitment and demonstrations of unity.

Relationships, particularly those among lovers, can never be cured by just grabbing a ton of money and throwing it at the problem. Learning how to become appreciated by and appreciated of your partner will add to the value of your relationship and make for a long lasting one.

Last, but not least, Chapman expounds on the importance of physical touch from holding hands to the act of making love. This is an emotional area that is often misunderstood by both sexes and his suggestions make a great deal of sense, being based, as they are, on his years of experience.

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