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Body piercings are becoming more and more popular in today’s world, going from the basic ear piercing that most women and some men have to the nose piercings, eye piercings, tongue piercings and just about other part of your body you can think of, people pierce their bodies and adorn them with jewellery.

The history of body piercing has been rough, it goes back a long way, the Bible has records of some of the first people to pierce their bodies, being nomadic tribes which roamed the earth about two thousand years ago. At about the same time, in the Egyptian civilisations, royalty has their bodies pierced and adorned with jewellery and they forbade other people to do such to themselves, in that case it signified their royal status and helped to distinguish them from peasants. Along the years, body piercings lost the popularity and were even banned in some communities but with time they regained popularity and also evolved into what they have become today.

In today’s society body piercings and jewellery, though have evolved from ancient times, have very different meanings from what they used to be all those years back. Nowadays these are more popular amongst youngsters and have been done for various reasons ranging from identification of characteristics like homosexuality, enhancing beauty and as fashion statements and also a form of body art like tattoos and self-expression. Today it has become very easy for people to get their bodies pierced, because there are numerous stores around that specialise in body piercings and body jewellery.

· Naval piercings

Naval piercings became very popular amongst women and have been considered a form of adornment and is considered seductive and sexy. These are commonly portrayed in the summer, where youngsters wear skimpy clothes that show off their navels.

· Eyebrow piercing

This has no particular function but for self-adornment, this and many other forms of piercing are portrayed by celebrities, and like many other things, youngsters want to do it just because someone popular is doing the same thing.

· Ear piercing

This is probably the most common and the most socially acceptable piercing, it is also for adornment with earrings and is more popular among women. It is less socially acceptable for men to have ear piercings but it is becoming increasingly popular especially in North America.

· Nipple piercings

Yet another piercing that is aimed at sexual stimulation and is usually done for women. It signifies high sexual drives and is considered seductive.

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