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Brexit news: Theresa May will be FORCED to RESIGN if Brexit deal is defeated | UK | News

Brexit news: Theresa May will be FORCED to RESIGN if Brexit deal is defeated | UK | News 1056047 1

Hardline Brexiteer Iain Duncan Smith warned Mrs May would be forced to stand down if her deal is rejected. More than 100 Conservative MPs have already publicly criticised her plan. The former Tory leader told the Telegraph: “The key thing is how the PM responds after the vote matters more than anything else she has done.

“I believe that if the response is we’ve lost but we will do this all over again it will become a leadership issue.

“I don’t want it to be.

“If she and the Cabinet decide to brazen it out and simply say anything under 200 is not as big as you think then that would be a disaster.”

Cabinet ministers say there is “zero chance” of her deal being passed through the Commons on Tuesday.

One said “she will fall” if her deal fails to go through Parliament and she does not go back to Brussels to renegotiate the EU Withdrawal Agreement.

Another Cabinet minister: “She has said she’s a bloody difficult woman.

“She has got to go back to Brussels and come up with something that MPs can get behind.

“She should be bloody difficult with them, not her own MPs.”

Another minister said the “survival of the Conservative Party” is at stake if the Prime Minister is heavily defeated on Tuesday.

It is believed three middle-ranking Brexiteers are considering resigning because they cannot get behind Mrs May’s deal.

The Tory leader was confronted by ministers on Thursday who demanded she gave details about her “plan B” for Brexit.

But on Friday, Mrs May declined and rejected calls for the vote to be delayed.

Arch-Brexiteers including Boris Johnson and Priti Patel will increase pressure on the Prime Minister on Saturday by trying to convince grassroots Tories to vote against the deal.

Mrs Patel will say: “This deal doesn’t deliver for the country, it doesn’t deliver for Leave voters and it certainly doesn’t deliver for Conservative Party members.”

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