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Why Learning How to Sing Should First Start With Singing Lessons Online

Over the past 20 years, music education has seen some significant transformations and taking singing lessons online is one of them. More people are now seeing online education as a trustworthy and legitimate way to acquire knowledge and skills. People from all over the world, regardless of where they live, can now have access to incredible content.

Traditional teaching vs. Modern teaching

Until recently, the only opportunities in any kind of music skills training, from voice to instruments, was either to learn by oneself, physically attend a class or by having a personal teacher/trainer/coach on a one-to-one basis. That was the traditional approach.

Classical music teachers are known for being strict and rigid, not to mention a little shy to some more modern ways of teaching. Being a musician myself, and having to go through a traditional approach when I was a student, I agree with this assessment.

Nevertheless, even if the traditional approach is still considered as one of the best ways to learn when it comes to attention, communication, interaction, immediate corrective feed-back, and a better understanding of the learner’s needs, modern approaches have slowly gained and earned trust among many music students enthusiasts.

The traditional approach has a major drawback: it is not in sync with new technology. The good news is that modern teaching has changed the way we see education by integrating technology as a great tool to stimulate and keep interest during the learning process.

New generations learn by doing, not by reading instruction manual or listening to lectures. These days, distance education is the most popular option for nontraditional learners. Even if the model needs improvement, modern teaching methods, which include technology, are slowly reaching their goals by permitting students to choose a type of learning that matches their values, bringing more pleasure and satisfaction through the learning process, while mastering one’s music skill.

So why start singing by taking lessons online?

Many reasons justify why you should consider online solutions first when deciding to learn how to sing:

• You can select between multiple online programs on “how to sing” (free and paid)

• You can choose between a variety of qualified instructors or methods, at every musical level

• You decide with whom you want to work among the world’s leading vocal coaches who have online singing methods without busting your budget

• You get access to state of the art technology to help you learn better and faster

• You work at your own pace (by accessing all learning modules 24/7/365)

• You engage in social interaction by attending group discussions (forums, blogs) and master classes

• You can focus on multiple available niches: classical, jazz, rock, pop and many more

• You learn at the moment that suits you during the day, in the safety and comfort of your home

• You spend much less for singing lessons online. The system/method you chose is inexpensive compared to the price that lessons with a private vocal coach would cost. You would easily spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars in fees for private lessons with a vocal coach compared to a singing program crafted by a professional. Furthermore you can access your classes forever and you pay only once (sometimes for the price of two private lessons).

• You also get a chance to try the system, and in most cases, if you don’t like the content, the coach or the teaching methods, you can get a full refund in the month following your purchase. Something you cannot do with a private teacher.

Taking lessons online is for everyone, especially novice and intermediate singers. Once you have mastered some basic principles – pitch, vocal power and agility, tone, mix voice – and depending on the style you wish to sing, you will then decide if you need a personal singing coach to assess your ability, competence and talent. This is why taking lessons online before this step is the best way to find out if you want to persevere in this direction and if you have a real passion for it.

Make no mistake: even if modern approaches seem less constraining and more “liberating”, it will take effort, discipline and perseverance to pursue along this path. You will need a lot of self-motivation and a great deal of determination to succeed, because nobody will be watching you. You will be all by yourself, deciding if learning how to sing is worth your time and effort, but mostly your money.

Remember that learning how to sing is not just about technique but also about developing self-confidence. As in every artistic field, you need to first believe that you can do it, then look for the right singing lessons online that can help you.

Do your research, try one method and use patience when it comes to perfecting your skills. Success happens to those who act sooner than later.

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