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Chinese Dating Rituals

China is the largest and nicest country in East Asia. It is one of the oldest civilizations and is regarded as the oldest and largest continuous civilization. 100 years ago, Chinese couples did not even hug or kiss until the day of marriage, but nowadays modern Chinese girls are affluent and exposed to western influences, however they still retain their traditional virtues. Now a days, Chinese people are becoming more fast. So their dating customs is diverse as Chinese dating rituals are often different from other cultures. Basically for Westerners, the willingness to know and learn more about Chinese dating culture is because they can make an interracial relationship stronger.

There are three basic stages of Chinese dating rituals. These will help you to know about the Chinese dating rituals. These are given bellow.

Three stages of Chinese dating rituals:

Stage 1: Friendly beginning:

Always remember that Chinese women do not like rushing. When you are in the primary stage and you have initiated a few dates or on line chats with a Chinese girls or women, talk with then about social life, views and common interests. You should take time to develop the relationship with them. That means you need to start through friendly.

Stage 2: Disclosure of relationship:

If you are not serious about the relationship with the Chinese girl or women, do not go and meet your Chinese woman’s family. If you meet with them, then you are implying that you are serious about the relationship and formalize the relationship with your Chinese girl or women parents.

Stage 3: Engagement and marriage:

If you like her and want to marry her, then you should visit her family and formally introduce yourself and ask her parents’ permission to marry their daughter. Maximum Chinese people believed that parents have taken great pains in bringing up their children; it is a mark of respect to inform them. Basically, the meeting is also to discuss the marriage preparations and dowry.

These are the basic three stages by which you can understand about the Chinese dating rituals. If you are searching for Chinese women or girls in Chinese dating sites, you must remember the most important things about Chinese dating etiquette is not to talk about sex. Because most of the Chinese people usually dislike discussing and talk about sex like western culture where sex and love is openly talk about. In Chinese culture, virginity of a Chinese girl is highly revered as this represent the chastity and purity of a Chinese woman. If you want to dating with a Chinese woman, you must remember that you should not be too haste in getting physical. Chinese young girls are conservative in nature and take a while to warm up to you.

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