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Sarah Ferguson told to ‘grow up and get a grip’ by fuming royal courtiers | Royal | News

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s often-turbulent relationship has been at the centre of speculation over the years from the tabloid scandals to happier times with their children, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. The Duke and Duchess of York first met as children. Later, in her autobiography, Sarah said she used to: “play tag with like-minded truants – including Prince Andrew, who was just my age.” Romance did not blossom until years later, when the couple attended Royal Ascot together.

Andrew revealed they sat next to each other at lunch on another occasion, and it “started from there”.

In 2012 book “Prince Andrew: The War Hero from Buckingham Palace”, author Jessica Jayne reveals that their marriage began to break down soon after the wedding ceremony.

Jessica Jayne claims Fergie and Andrew “looked good together, owing to the many similarities they shared”.

They were a stay-at-home couple and Andrew usually invited friends over to Windsor on weekends.

The book suggests Fergie also shared his “sense of fun”, but “none of these similarities could hold together their marriage”.

Looking back on the early years of her marriage, Fergie recalled: “Two weeks after the wedding, the royal courtiers told Andrew, who thought he’d be stationed in London, ‘you have to go to sea.'”

The Duchess explains: “I spent my entire first pregnancy alone. 

“When Beatrice was born, Andrew got ten days of shore leave and when he left and I cried, they all said: ‘Grow up and get a grip.’” 

Fergie added that “the marriage started to break down as early as one week after their wedding ceremony”.

When Sarah Ferguson decided to stay home to spend more time with her daughters following the birth of Eugenie, the press accused her of being “work-shy”. 

However, these were not the only things she was criticised for.

Her poor dress sense, her appearance and her weight were also criticised by the media.

The things that the media initially loved about her became the subject of their intense criticism.

Furthermore, while Andrew was away at sea and his relatives were busy devoting themselves to their royal duties, Fergie began nightclubbing with friends. 

The author claims Sarah earned criticism for ignoring her young children, Beatrice and Eugenie, and “complained that her financial allowance wasinadequate”.

After announcing their separation in 1992, the Duke and Duchess appeared to split rather amicably. 

The royal pair have allowed their relationship to endure by establishing a stable friendship.

Source : EXPRESS

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