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How to get 10 days off using just four days annual leave in 2019

Most of us are entitled to around about 28 days of annual leave each year.

Yet it never feels like enough – despite being almost a month away from the office.

But if you’re savvy, you can book your annual leave so that you get an extra long break without using up all of your valuable days holiday.

Thanks to the way Bank Holidays and weekends fall, there’s a chance to get 10 days off in a row by using just four days of annual leave.

But it gets better because there’s also three opportunities to get nine days off in a row with four days of holiday.

The clever clogs at Instant Offices have worked out that if you book April 15, 16, 17 and 18 off work you’ll end up with a long escape from the office thanks to Good Friday, Easter Monday and the weekend before.

That’s ten whole days to sneak in a holiday, try exciting new things – or chill out in front of the TV eating all of your easter chocolate.

Hey, with ten days holiday you could do all three!

You also get extended breaks by booking time off around the May Bank Holidays and the Summer Bank Holiday in August.

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So quick, book your leave now before your colleagues beat you to it…

Source : BirminghamMail

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