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Flights require heightened security these days, which often requires airport staff to search through passengers’ luggage if they deem it suspicious. 

However, X-ray scanners often flag up items that are completely innocuous due to their intriguing look, and sometimes these things can turn to be very strange – and very funny.

Airport workers have revealed some of the strangest things they’ve ever come across while searching passengers’ lugagge at security.

The list is seemingly endless, from animals and weapon lookalikes to human ashes and fireworks.

One member of staff once got a terrible fright when a creepy crawly emerged. “A live spider,” they wrote. “Passenger didn’t know and it wasn’t large but he opened his bag, it crawled out, and I screamed.”

They added that while searching passengers’ bags they’d discovered a whole host of oddities.

“Human ashes. A live cat. Antlers with rotting flesh still on them. My favourite was a magicians bag. Alerted for explosives. He kept pulling bits out of pockets and showing me bits of his act,” they posted.

The employee was not alone in bizarre discoveries. Another wrote: “There’s a lot of odd stuff found in checked baggage. Commercial fireworks, the mortars that shoot up in the sky and explode. Cops were involved.

“A skinned goat skull packed on top of clothing. It had obviously missed the plane, sat for a day and that was a very bad day. Poorly sealed jars of rotting blended fish, must be a delicacy somewhere.

“Undeclared firearms are fairly common, they don’t necessarily pose a danger but there’s a right and wrong way to transport them.”

Another mistakenly believed a passenger had packed a grenade. “Did you know that there’s a sports drink that comes in a bottle that’s shaped exactly like an M2 grenade?” they wrote.

“I didn’t until I was working an x-ray machine in a military airport and some f****r decided it would be a good idea to put a bottle in his checked bag.

One traveller spoke of the time her little girl’s unusual holiday memento was interpreted as a weapon.

“My child once packed a ziplock full of sand in her suitcase. Turns out on X-ray this looks like a bomb,” one Reddit user wrote.

“Also turns out her sand was full of rotten seaweed and tiny little (dead) sea creatures.

“Opening that bag was like the bog of eternal stench. Three airports we hauled that damn bag through, and then I made her throw it away.”

Another person decided to buy a dead animal and transport it through airport security.

“I found a taxidermy chicken on a trip, and had to buy it,” they posted. “Then I had to get her home. Well, she wouldn’t fit in my suitcase, so I had to carry her in my arms.

“It was a really busy travel day, and that chicken amused EVERYONE. Absolutely every person in line suddenly wasn’t grumpy anymore.

“TSA all laughed, especially when she had to go through the x-ray; passengers who were irritated at lines started smiling. I loved it. 10/10 would travel with a chicken again.”

Hotel staff have also revealed the strange things they encounter during their job. They unveiled the most ridiculous demands that hotel guests have made. 

Their requests vary from the utterly extravagant and the completely ridiculous to the just plain odd.

Source : EXPRESS

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