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Tarot Poetry – The Hierophant, Number V

My cosmic link: The first element, fire.
My feeling: I unify my body, mind, soul in the heart.
My meditation: I am ETHIC.
My key-words: «I put a square to the life's desire».

On my fool's journey, I have learned to feel my inner fire with the card I, to hear the guidance of the matrix (card II), to create (card III) from this source and manifest my intentions (card IV).

What's next?

Now it is time to grow up in my heart, to know in which direction I am going to spread the flames of my fire.
Building for building is not an way of living, it is selfish and insane.
The hierophant arrives here to tell me to be aware of the consequences of my acts. He wants me to be conscious of the responsibility of my words.

The High Priestess and the Hierophant are the second couple of the Tarot. The Empress and the Emperor are the couple of the hara, the power house of the body.

This second couple is the one of the heart, and the body center is the solar plexus.

Even if I am a fool on a divine pilgrimage, I have to consider myself as a simple human being and I must be gentle with the others, and respectful to everyone.

From now on, I will always speak the language of my heart.

I begin to wish to be an example of respectful freedom for everyone I cross.

And I know, I am going to succeed by the power of the heart!

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