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What Is Involved When Hiring A Software Developer

Software developers create computer coding for a multitude of projects in numerous industries. The high demand for software developers has increased as businesses struggle to find the right one for the job. A company may seek one specific developer who has experience in writing to a certain platform, a short-term developer to manage small projects for a limited time, or a team of developers for large projects.

Software development is a high demand job as it can get very expensive to hire the right person. There are the highly intelligent college students seeking to get their feet wet, mid-level developers who have the skills but need to be bought up to speed, the coveted experts with years of experience, and even developers from other countries such as China and India who want to set up shop in this country. These software developers are advertising themselves on Craigslist and LinkedIn, being referred to by other developers, and just hoping to catch the eye of a hiring manager so they can get involved in the next big software problem.

How does a hiring manager narrow down the process? What does it take to hire a software developer? Where should a business find one that does not just give promises without delivering what the project needs? Here are a few tips other businesses have used to find the software developer they need.

1) Talent joins to talent. When you have one core developer in the business, they know others that will work well with the project.

2) Narrow down the search with specifics to target in on the software developer. Instead of advertising for a software developer, look for one that has experience with a certain platform or coding program. Continue to narrow the search down by geographic location if you are looking for someone who lives nearby.

3) Make inquiries on LinkedIn. You may find a software developer who is great for the project yet is not available. By sending a polite message to them, the prospective candidate may refer you to other developers who are available.

4) Do not be afraid to hire new talent if you have the time to show them the ropes. College students are eager to take on a new project challenge but need to have some teaching to meet your needs.

5) Screen resumes to spend more time interviewing candidates and less time sorting through letters of unqualified people. Modernize your hiring practices by using applicable tracking systems. An applicable tracking system automates the screening process so you are only looking at candidates with the experience, knowledge and skills for the job.

The easiest way to help with hiring the right developer is understanding what your project needs. If you are unsure about the project, the developer will have a hard time reaching the goals you have set without a clear path to take.

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