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The Pitfalls of Pseudonyms

It is not ever so surprising when we found articles or any write-up and artwork with bylines or credit lines that turn out to be not the real creators. This typically occurs when we read literary pieces and black propaganda especially since they refer to powerful and preponderant people's transgressions. Such false names being used are more known to be pseudonyms.

Pseudonyms are frequently used when someone tries to hide his / her real identity. This is often applied by authors, artists, radicals and hackers. Actors, Bands, singers and other types of performers, at times, use stage names. Some people that donate cash and goods to others sometimes declare publicize themselves. Motives for using alias or pseudonyms vary but there are cases that it can be advantageous and damaging.

When you write numerous pieces with different genres, you can aloof yourself with your another self using pseudonyms. Meaning, if you write two articles that is completely with opposition and contradictoryizing ideas, you may not be scowled up for being a conflicting writer. A pen name can be useful since nobody, except from you, can identify the real author's personality. You can recreate yourself to be somebody else, that is how it becomes advantageous.

In the other hand, pseudonyms could also be disadvantageous in some other ways.

If you made something that you associated with a false name, you would not be highly praised for your work, since nobody will recognize that it is you who actually made it. If in case you are a writer for multiple conflicting articles, it would be more difficult to proclaim yourself as the one who hides after the false name.

You will not also be able to go to gatherings, book signings, art exhibits and press launches, which are often accessible only to famous people, if you are hiding behind a pseudonym.

But worst of all, you could be a victim of identity theft. Such is a crime wherein someone pretends to be another else by stealing the character. It is usually done in order to way in properties or get hold of acknowledgment and other advantages in that someone's name. If you are a person who uses aliases for your works, those who pinch identity might take advantage of it. Because you may not be known and recognized as the genuine you, posers could pretend that they are the ones who really made your work. In that case, the benefits that are supposedly for you would go to them.

Some example of people who uses pseudonyms are Lewis Carroll, an author, who is more known as Rev. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson; actors Tony Curtis, Ted Danson and Kirk Douglas who are more commonly known as Edward Bridge Danson III, Bernard Schwartz and Issur Danielovitch Demsky respectively.

From famous people to ordinary citizens, pseudonyms are becoming more applied for different purposes. As what was mentioned earlier, there could only be two consequences when you use a false name and if you choose to, do not forget to remember it. And if you have several pseudonyms, make an effort to keep track of each and every one of them.

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