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Registry Cleaners – What Can a Registry Cleaner Do For Your Computer?

Before Windows 95 operating systems simply used initialization and configuration files; however, with Windows 95 came the registry. A registry is a compilation of files such as initialization files, system options, what hardware a computer has inside it, and how a computer memory is set up along with much more. A computers registry changes over time and with these changes becomes unused files and formats.

So what do all these unused files and formats do to your computer? They slow it down and cause more memory to be used during operating. These errors can also be traced to the system 32 folder, a critical folder within the windows folder. Many people have never heard of a registry yet alone know what it does for them or their computer.

So what can you do about all of this? How can you speed up your computer and reduce errors? You can use a registry cleaner to fix your windows registry taking away your errors, problems, and effectively speeding up your computer. The software fixes problems such as missing files, and missing files upon start up. Your computer over time will build up a large amount of missing or misplaced files as your registry changes. When your computer goes looking for the files it slows down your computer overall. If you have noticed the start up of your computer slowing down over time this is linked with your registry. As your computer starts loading files while start-up it looks to the registry to find what files or programs need loaded at the initial start. Some files will be missing in the registry or some formats will not be correct and will be examined upon start-up or running but never initialize. These are the types of files registry cleaners corrects.

Registry cleaners have been hard to use up to this point. Many programs that work on a computers registry require a professional status to operate. This is not the case with recent registry cleaner software. This software is a simple open, scan, and correct program. Much like anti-virus software, only it scans about 2-3 times faster.

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