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Flirting Quotes – No Frills, No Poetry

You don’t need to be a bookworm or expand your vocabulary to flirt and impress girls. Trying to sound cool and attractive without appearing to be a flirt is easy. Remember, most pretty girls can almost always tell that a guy is hitting on them. If you’re busted, then goodbye chance of a lifetime. So how do you exactly flirt without appearing like one? The answer is actually simple: be yourself and exaggerate it a little. Plus, you can make use of the following flirting quotes to make it even easier. Practice and enjoy!

“You’re so pretty”. Yes. You’re flirting. But, by all means, sound like you mean it. Be true and sincere. A compliment is not a compliment if it’s not from the heart. One of the female weaknesses is when you point out the way they look. All girls like to be called beautiful. So keep those compliments coming.

“You’re so cute. Can I take you home?” You sound playful, not like a flirt. Make sure that the girl you’re with has been comfortably talking with you for a while now before saying something cheesy. Nevertheless, this will send chills down her spine.

“You’re really beautiful when you smile.” Okay, this may sound way too romantic than the first two, but you can deliver these lines in a more teasing manner. Maybe she’s not smiling all the time? When she does, make sure to let her know you noticed.

Take note that in every quote, you take reference of her appearance and then add up something playful and teasing afterwards. Being totally confident with yourself and the situation will help you appear oozing with sensuality and poise. Remember, flirting is supposed to be fun and pleasurable. So don’t stress it. Keep things simple.

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