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Why Boomers Need To Be Careful On Their First Date

Boomers are the most vulnerable of all age groups when it comes to dating. They've gone through bitter bitter, or their loved one passed away leaving them at the loneliest time in their life. Many have saved money from their early years and have hefty bank accounts, stocks and bonds.

Growing old with their spouse was certain until tragedy taken. They are left alone to defend for themselves in a depressed state, wondering why life was so unfair to them. Some go to counseling while others take depressant medications and others look for guiDance from their children, and a few join dating sites looking for companionship.

Con artists have done on to the dating scene knowing the boomers are an easy target to wipe out their bank account. The boomers looking to date need to go to a good dating site. They must ask questions and make sure the dating company performances checks and screens all the members.

It helps weed out con artists, criminal and drug pushers. Although their system is not perfect, most losers will get turned down for a membership. Boomers largest mistake is giving too much personal information to their first date. The well to do boomers wears expensive clothes, jewelry, watches and drive fancy cars.

They should dress casual like most everyday people. Leave the expensive jewelry at home and wear costume jewelry and drive a cheaper car. Suppose they meet their compatible match and they look like a million dollars. If they like their date, they will not know if they like them for themselves or if they're after money.

Never give financial information to a date or anyone else, or tell them where you live. After you've been seeing this person for a while, then you can tell him where you live. You still must be careful for the con game, such as leaving their wallet at home, waiting for a real estate deal to close, or they got in an accident and need money until a check arrives in the mail.

Cons love to play the waiting game and are good actors. They know if given enough time, they can break you down to tell them what they want to hear. Lonely boomers are so lonely that they fall for any old game and end up losing a fortune giving in to the con because they felt sorry for them and their proven instincts which were guiding the con right to the boomer's bank account.

Make sure the dating service helps you with your profile and be as specific as possible without giving to much information. You will get matched to someone of your liking, but remember it's not one hundred percent foolproof. Boomers need to be careful on their first date and every date after that.

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