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Why We Need Computer Forensics Investigators Today

The world has become a "digital planet". Every day, our fingers are busy clicking or typing the computers, laptops, PDAs and many more. As a result of this, the need of computer forensics investigators (CFI) is growing. To some, these are where they kept their "secrets" or in other words, "the truth".

So, what are the criteria that a CFI should possess? First of all, having a good working knowledge of computer construction as well as hard drive processes and date recovery is essential. Also, he must have the patience and determination in order for the "truth" to be disclosed. The list goes on.

With the above criteria, a CFI will be able to perform the tasks as follows:

1) Using specialized recovery programs and the actual hard drive of the computer, CFI will be able to recover what was thought to be deleted or erased, or hidden evidence, either all or part of it.

2) Access to information stored in the computers which are blocked with encryption by cracking or decoding into the programs.

3) Spend hours reviewing and prepare details and technical reports on the date recovers to be presented in Court.

4) Identify the methods and investigative tools used to locate or reconstruct the data and give evidence in Court.

5) In large corporations, a CFI will test the information systems security to prevent hackers to gain access to the computers' network.

The above are five of the many responsibilities of a CFI. The work of a CFI is as tedious as any forensics professionals. Without them, the "truth will be hidden" in a digital world.

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