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It’s All in the Keyboard

Every child needs to learn to type. But do you remember how you learned? Was it fun? Probably not. There are fun and interesting ways to help your child learn to type. After all, I cannot think of one job in today’s world that is not required some typing. If your child learns to type on the computer the correct way (without looking at the keys) and with as little mistakes as possible, then their life will be so much easier whether they are in school or at work. So teach them early and teach them the correct way – the old way. Not with one finger, but with their hands placed correctly on the keys and without looking at the keypad. Moving your hands around and typing faster while looking at the keys, is not the correct way nor is it the fastest.

The Typing of Ghosts is a great game for kids who can or can’t spell. The words that the game wants you to type are on top of the ghosts. As the word appears over the ghost, the ghost is small, but he will continue to grow until the correct word is typed. As soon as the child types the correct spelling of the word on the ghost, the ghost disappears. More ghosts pop-up faster and faster as the game progresses. This game not only teaches the child how to type, but it also teaches the child how to spell the words correctly.

Dance Mat Typing is another fun game. There are twelve stages to this game.

This is the game you will want your first time typist to use to learn how to type. Wouldn’t hurt you to firm up our typing skills by going over the rules either!

With level one, the goat who teaches the class, tells you where to place your fingers on the keyboard The you get to practice typing the home row of keys. /This is a fun an entertaining game. As the levels go upward so does the difficulty of the typing. Sit back, get ready to rock and roll and type better too.

Alpha Drop starts with letter dropping out of the sky incased in hearts. The hearts drop over a lake full of water. IF you do not type the correct key before the key hits the water, then the water will rise. As the game progresses, the letters drop faster and faster. This is a great game once your child has the basics down. It teaches them to recognize the letter and type it fast before the water rises too high. Just make sure that they are looking at the screen instead or the keyboard. And remember the posture rule that your typing teacher was so grumpy about? Well it still makes a difference. Take some time out and try typing all slumped down in the chair Now get the right posture, that right, feet firmly on the ground, shoulders squared off, hands lightly on the keys and wrists straight Now isn’t that better? You even make fewer mistakes!

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