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Be Part of the Distinctive Elite For a Day – Rent the 1936 Mercedes-Benz 500K

In the 1920s and 1930s, it was a distinction to drive such a car. Mercedes-Benz created supercharged cars that overshadowed all the refined and powerful cars that had inserted before them. They created a new era of automotive engineering. Politicians and captains of industry, artists and athletes were the people driving these supercharged Mercedes cars. These people opted for an image of dynamism and savoir vivre, for the most refined design and for the most advanced engineering. These people were looking for the best cars in the world.

These supercharged models from the 1920s to 1930s all had one thing in common. They represent the ultimate in automotive engineering in their eras. The experience of driving them, to listen to the howl of their mechanical charger, to feel the power of their engines was the crowning glory of motoring. And now that distinction still continues. That distinction can still be experienced. Las Vegas car rentals offer one of the supercharged cars that came out of that era: the 1936 Mercedes- Benz 500K.

The 1936 Mercedes-Benz 500K was part of the brand's famous eight-cylinder cars that was built in the 1930s. The other car models were the Mercedes-Benz 380 and the 540K. These cars differed from their predecessors because they were designed for speed and comfortable travel rather than racing. They were expressions of luxury, performance, and elitism. These cars were manufactured by hand and even custom made to the wishes and ideas of each individual customers.

The Mercedes-Benz 500K was a sports car that was built by Mercedes-Benz from 1934 to 1936. It was first exhibited at the 1934 Berlin Motor Show. It will be distinguished from the 500 sedan by the "K" in its name which stands for the kompressor (supercharger) fitted to the sports car. It is the successor of the Mercedes-Benz 380 and has a larger, more powerful engine and more voluptuous coachwork to attend to customers' demands for greater luxury and performance.

The Mercedes-Benz 500K is powered by a M24 inline-eight cylinder supercharged engine that is capable of producing 160 horsepower. If the 380 was named after the cubic capacity of the engine. The "500" was named for its 5018 cc power plant. The car had also introduced innovative achievements with its power assisted brakes, a rear independent suspension with swing arms and a transmission that had five gears.

The Mercedes-Benz 500K was procurable in ten unique body styles. Part of this was the Special Roadster which is considered one of the most attractive automobiles ever built.

There are many sports and classic car rentals that offer such a distinct car for rent. It is available to be experienced by everyone; young and old, male or female. Know why this car was and still is one of the best automobiles ever built. Experience it and feel it. Rent it.

Mercedes-Benz 500K car rentals are available and can easily be viewed through car rental websites. These websites already offer services such as car model information, rental policies, VIP services and reservations.

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