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The Ultimate DIY Sewing Machine Repair Manual

"The ultimate DIY sewing machine repair manual". Written by a qualified time serving sewing machine technician with over 30 years experience of repairing and maintaining various makes and models of industrial and domestic sewing machines. A very comprehensive detailed manual which covers everything sewing machine users need to know about using and maintaining their sewing machines. I can best describe this sewing machine repair manual as the sewing machine operators bible.

Consisting of 17 chapters with 140 pages including pictures and illustrations containing valuable advice on how to use and operate the sewing machine correctly. With a sewing problem chapter that shows every sewing machine problem that you could imagine when using one with the causes and remedies. Confirming his vast experience and knowledge the author reveals the secrets that machine makers keep closely guarded and shows you how to make adjustments and re- set all the sewing machine timings settings. With other chapters on machine repairs, stripping and rebuilding, servicing and electric motor and foot control problems.

The author's style is easy to follow and assumes no previous knowledge of sewing machines. Starting from the basics for beginners then gradually moving on for the more advanced sewing machine operator. An impressive chapter on sewing machine problems shows the causes and remedies for each problem. With other chapters showing how to carry out various other kinds of sewing machine repairs. This is a very impressive sewing machine manual without any padding or unnecessary pictures. Optional email help service confirms genuine sewing machine repair technician and original author.

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