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Statin Drugs Are Big Business, But Are They Good For You?

Statin drugs are xenobiotic drugs which simply means that the compounds used to produce the drugs are not found in life or living systems. They are chemically produced in a laboratory. They provide huge profits to drug companies in spite of their many dangerous side effects. The reason these drugs are foisted on Americans is simply because of the extremely high profit margins. Drug companies cannot patent healthy vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains because they are provided in nature. Therefore these profit driven companies produce a chemical compound which is completely unnatural to your physical body and as such is quite risky to your overall health and then they patent these drugs under many different trade names. You have probably heard of or used some of these popular statins: Lipitor, Mevacor, Pravachol, Crestor, Zocor, Xanax.

Insane Profit Margins

Xenobiotic drugs produce unbelievable profits for drug companies. Consider for a moment Xanax which is used to treat anxiety disorders and panic attacks. Xanax enjoys profit margins of over five hundred thousand percent! Yes you read that right. One hundred tablets of Xanax are normally priced at around $180.00 dollars. The active ingredient used to produce the tablets costs under 3 cents for all 100 tablets. So when you pay nearly 200 dollars for the right to take home 100 tablets you have paid someone a very handsome profit. But the profits don’t end with your high dollar purchase. Most statins have horrible side effects and very often contribute to kidney problems and even full-blown kidney failure as well as a host of other diseases. Kidney dialysis is a cash cow for hospitals. You will need to fork over a whole bunch of money for your privilege of using their machine. Therefore by ingesting statin drugs you are likely going to end up as one of the big pharmaceutical companies recruited patients who by the use of such drugs end up with kidney problems and an extremely expensive visit to the hospital’s kidney dialysis machine.

Why Are Statins Prescribed?

Doctors many times become unwitting representatives of these unnatural and dangerous drugs because they have swallowed the sales pitch of a drug representative or have been swayed by a medical journal article in which the pharmaceutical company was responsible for the content. It should be quite easy to see that this is a bad recipe for honest and unbiased health science. Mainstream doctors are often persuaded into believing that these are in fact miracle drugs and many just accept this foolishness without doing any research whatsoever. Multiplied billions of dollars have been spent to advertise these drugs as “miracle medicines” while slick advertising campaigns and smooth sales representatives have produced an army of unwitting doctors who actually become the big drug companies best spokesmen and agents for these health sapping drugs.

Statins Are A Horrible Farce

If the truth about statins was not suppressed but rather became public knowledge, these horrible abominations would never be prescribed to anyone. Drug companies would begin to fend off law suits because of their false advertising campaigns and their many other marketing ploys. If your doctor is irresponsibly prescribing these aberrations to you in the name of health, you should run and not walk from his/her establishment. He or she should not be trusted with your health since your doctor either did not research the truth about these statins or has ignored the truth opting rather for a share of the big profits. Either way such a medical practitioner should not be trusted with your health.

Statins Do More Harm To Your Health Than Good

Statin drugs harm a much higher percentage of folks who take them than they help. These drugs cause liver damage, kidney damage, muscle atrophy, cataracts, and more. They do not significantly lower the rate of heart disease and for the relatively small percentage of people who could actually say that they were really helped by them, the ugly side effects pretty much eliminate any boasting.

The Natural Way

Why spend nearly $2.00 dollars per tablet on an unnatural compound that is almost sure to cause complications while true health food, which is really the only true medicine, can be purchased for just a few pennies? How much does an organic orange or apple cost? How much does a small bunch of organic kale cost? I assure you that these health restoring fruits and vegetables will be far more effective at providing healing for your body than any man made laboratory drug could ever be and you will experience none of the side effects. Why make a big pharmaceutical company richer while simultaneously taking your life into your hands by purchasing their high dollar unnatural drugs? It is a ridiculous and expensive way to add more discomfort to your life. God has provided all the healing the human body needs in nature. Eat healthy living foods while absolutely shunning processed and refined foods, exercise, drink plenty of pure water, get outdoors and get some sunshine, and stay away from drugs that hide behind well known trade names. Even if you are able to afford the price per pill you nevertheless cannot afford the health problems they will cause you down the line.

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