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The Number One Secert In Faux Finishing – Sponging

The fastest, easiest faux finish for the novice Minneapolis faux finisher; this technique is familiar to most painters, at least in the Minneapolis area. The materials you'll need are rubber gloves, a sponge, a couple of paint trays and two or three colors of paint. For best results use a sea sponge, not one of those flat-faced sponges. Sea sponges can be found in any paint or art store in the Minneapolis or surrounding areas.

Choosing colors for this faux finish is very easy and flexible.

Your colors should be one to three tones apart in any Twin Cities paint store faux color system. The base coat may be either dark or light. Your topcoat will range from light to dark depending on the faux effect you want. For example, a light base with a dark sponged faux will be very dramatic. Where as a light base coat with a medium faux similar to the base coat will create a very soft, subtle, relaxing feel.

After the base coat has dried (about 1hr for most paints), dampen the sponge, but not enough to thin the paint. Dip your sponge into some paint, remove extra paint from the sponge with a rag, and then starting applying to the surface. With a light hand apply your faux paint starting from one corner of the wall working out. Do not go too thick and opaque, rather, apply the paint random enough that the base still shows through and the blots of paint are seamless. For best faux finishing results, twist your hand as you apply and lift the sponge. The more you twist the more dramatic the look. I'd recommend a slight twist to help move and blend the paint. Do not over do it. We do not want this to look incidental. But do not under twist either. Keep in mind that the more obvious your technique looks, the faster you'll tire of looking at the faux finish.

For best results, putting you well past the typical Do It Yourselfer …

Add another coat of faux after the first sponged faux coat has dried. This time dilute the paint with water or glaze. Glaze can be picked up at any Local Minneapolis area paint store. What you're looking to do here is add a 'toning' layer that will help to blend the faux finish together. This will minimize any obvious sponge marks and help to create a professional looking faux finish. You may even use a brush and lightly color-wash over the surface rather than sponging for this faux layer. If you'd like our help you may reach us at 1-866-586-2366 between 9 and 5pm.

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