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An Honest Autoresponder Comparison

Ok, I promised an honest autoresponder comparison and that's what you will get. However, this is a different kind of comparison. I am not going to compare all the different autoresponder companies, I am going to compare the different types of autoresponders.

There are three main types of autoresponders you can choose from.

1. Free autoresponders

2. In-house Autoresponder Software

3. Hosted Autoresponders

Free Autoresponders –

Pro's – They are free. You do not pay a dime.

Con's – After you get a certain number of people on your list, you have to start paying. If you are dealing with a service that never asks you to pay, how are they running their service? How are they paying people to keep them off of spam blacklists? Or are them. The risk of free autoresponders is that you pay in the end because your email message never get through.

In-House Autoresponder Software-

Pro's – You have full control over everything. You only pay a one time fee and never pay again.

Con's – No matter how hard you try, you will always get spam complaints and you will always start to be blacklisted. Being blacklisted is a pain and it cost time and money to get off of these lists. Sometimes you can not get off the lists. If you are blacklisted you email will never get through and you pay big in lost profits.

Hosted Autoresponders –

Con's – You have to pay a monthly fee.

Pro's – You have a full time staff of professionals working around the clock to make sure your email message get through. This is priceless.

In my opinion, you should never use a free autoresponder service and you should never use in-house autoresponder software. You will only lose money in the long run. I suggest using a hosted autoresponder services. Let the pro's take care of the tech stuff, let the pro's handle all the tedious blacklisting nightmares.

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