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Google Maps Street View caught a very odd scene on Atlantic Beach in Florida.

A group of women could be seen running in and out of the water together.

Clad in sports gear, they took it in turns to run into the shallow water and back to their teammates.

One of the women was dressed in just a sports bra and shorts was caught in a rather unfortunate position.

When running back to the sand, she became slightly distorted thanks to the Google camera.

Her running pose made her appear hunched over with her back almost parallel to the ground.

The woman’s head was leaning forward as she sprinted across the wet sand.

Soaking wet, her black socks were slipping off her feet, creating a weird illusion with her toes.

Her friends did not fall victim to the rather awkward position.

They were all spotted running out of the sea looking at each other.

It seemed to be cold as many clutched their arms to the chest while emerging from the sea.

What the drill was in aid of, however, was not made clear.

The women were most likely warming up before a sports event with at least ten women waiting on the shore.

The Google car often catches confusing sights and situations on beaches.

A young woman in a bikini in Costa Rica was warped by the Google Maps camera.

Her top half was lying on her front, reading a book, while her lower half was lying on her back.

Google Maps Street View has captured many hilarious images since it was created in 2007.

Two years after the creation of Google Maps, it was originally in the US and has since expanded to thousands of cities across the world.

Some countries such as Russia and Japan are still limited when it comes to coverage.

Source : EXPRESS

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