White House accuses CNN’s Jim Acosta of assaulting intern

White House accuses CNN’s Jim Acosta of assaulting intern gettyimages 1058671590 0


It looks like producers at Sony are the ones who knock … on Vince Gilligan’s door to ask him to make more Breaking Bad.

A two-hour Breaking Bad movie is in the works with creator Vince Gilligan expected to write and possibly direct, The Hollywood Reporter wrote on Tuesday. The film would reportedly follow “the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom,” although other details were sparse, and it wasn’t immediately clear whether it would star any of the original cast or be a direct sequel to the hit show, which ended in 2013.

However, Slashfilm reported some additional details Wednesday, writing that the film will indeed be a sequel to the original series and will star Aaron Paul reprising his role of Jesse Pinkman. Fans will recall that in the final episode of Breaking Bad, Jesse fled for his life after Walter White rescued him from imprisonment at the hands of neo-Nazis. The last we saw of Jesse, he was driving into the distance with a smile on his face — this movie would reportedly take place after that and follow his escape from Albuquerque.

It seems likely that the film would be made for television, since AMC recently announced three movies set in the Walking Dead universe that will air on TV, and Gilligan signed a three-year deal with Sony TV over the summer. This would be Gilligan’s second time returning to the Breaking Bad universe; the prequel series Better Call Saul recently completed its fourth season.

Walter White, presumably, would be absent from this movie, having been shot to death in the original series’ finale, although we can only hope he comes up in conversation so that Jesse can utter the words “Mr. White” at least one more time. Brendan Morrow

Source : theweek

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