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All About Japanese Dating and Marriage That You Really Should Know About Before Going to Japan

Japanese dating and marriage might appear obnoxious to a Western young adult. Dating and marriage practices in Japan are way too different from the liberated strategies of most American gents and ladies. Well, Japan is in Asia and the traditions of the families are a half a world apart. If in any case your blood relation is attracted to a Japanese lady, consider first how dating and marriage happens in her community.

Japanese dating and marriage are utterly a product of discipline. It is sometimes told that Japan is run by thinking robots and this is somewhat true in a sense. They can be tagged as robots because they ritually follow the norms and “correct” practices of the society. Unlike Americans who can freely do and say what they feel, Japanese are bound to be acting like professionals, holding back the things they think might destruct the normal way of living.

For example in a date, a Japanese woman will never confront a man in public displaying anger and other disruptive emotions. She will be patient until they are alone. This is the only time that she will say what she feels. If she did confront a man in public, she will be considered undisciplined by the people around and by herself. The society’s order must not be disturbed by one girl complaining to her date. This is the way it goes in Japan.

Coming to a date on time is one practice that you must not take for granted. In Japan, it’s really bad taste to let your date wait for you. The Japanese have always lived up to the adage that time is gold and have been proud of being time conscious. Tell a Japanese girl the time and date you want to meet her and she’ll be there right on the dot.

Dating a woman in her late 20s is an act of desperate move to get married. In Japan, a woman who is 30 and still unmarried is no longer a good candidate for marriage. It is best to look for Japanese women between 28 and 29 years old because you will find many willing brides.

It is a common belief that Japanese women are frail and must only do light work. Japanese women get tied to the notion that a woman must stay home to take care of the kids and the house. The men, otherwise, are supposed to work 60 hours a week to sustain their family.

Knowing these things, one might ask if there are women in Japan who dream of being the boss. Well, not very likely, not even in this age of technology. The Japanese women never want to appear in command of their men. It is a greatly respected fact that the man decides for the group or for the family. This might sound unfair to the contemporary woman who thinks that what a man can do, a woman can do as well, if not better.

If you are a foreigner considering a Japanese girl to marry, ask yourself if you are ready to commit to the lady who treats you as her lord. She may be submissive but she can be loving, frail but strong for her family. This sounds like a harmonious relationship where one is deciding for the family and the other supporting the decision.

Japan may have dramatically opened its doors for globalization but not wholly. Many women still keep the dating traditions of old, and they are bound to pass this tradition even with the constraining effects from the influence of media. But who can tell, Japanese dating and marriage might change later after all.

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