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What is a Computer Forensics Expert Witness?

What is an Expert Witness in the field of Computer Forensics? The most simple answer is a person who goes to court to testify regarding the accuracy and findings from the computer forensics service. In a nutshell, that is it. However, there is a lot more to being an Expert Witness in the field of Computer Forensics and E-Discovery.

With the increased usage and dependence on the Internet – for corporate and individual communication – electronic communication is now the standard and 'paper' communication is the new exception.

  • 80% of all corporate data is stored electronically
  • 95% of new data is stored electronically (approximately 80% of this information stays in electronic format).

As a result, in almost every legal matter, critical and relevant evidence will be stored electronically. Proper collection and examination of this evidence is critical to avoid spoliation, to preserve the evidence, and to manage cost.

An Expert Witness is a specialized and rapidly growing field of investigation within Computer Forensics and E-Discovery. And as such, these individuals are a leading defense, or indemnity – depending on which side of the litigation you are on, up corporate America's sleeve against cyber crimes and prosecuting 'hackers'. An Expert Witness service typically works closely with a Computer Forensics investigator, or sometimes has the credentials and experience of both.

Computer Forensic investigators unaware the depth of a security breach, recover data that has been corrupted or intentionally deleted, identify how a 'hacker' got past the security checks and if fortunate enough, identify the individual who caused the damages. The term 'hacker' can either be an individual on the Internet, an employee, or a spouse looking to steal or destroy data.

Expert witness service provides testimony, documentation and witness preparation to help present discovered electronic data in legal proceedings to help you prove and win your case.

Should your company, or yourself, need the service of an Expert Witness for a case dealing with Computer Forensics and E-Discovery, make sure that the computers which could be involved in the case are secured from use and contact a Computer Forensics service to discuss your situation.

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