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Is Real Estate Print Advertising Dead?

I think if you asked this question to anyone under 35 years of age, they would probably say … yes. With advances of smart phones, tablets, laptops, wide screen desks and the ability to view, retrieve and interact with information on the run, it is hard to ignore that fact that this technological phenomenon is not going away and most likely will soar into even more fantastic gadgets !!!

The question remains however, do we see value in advertising in traditional media such as Newspapers, magazines, flyers and other such print media? Being a young professional myself and having the core of our business focussed online, I would hesitate to demand a significant portion of the budget toward this media. Why? Well, when so many enquiries is received from online and anecdotal evidence and speaking with buyers where they have seen the actual advertisements, this suggests spending up to $ 15,000 on paper advertising is a costly, possibly wasteful exercise. ESPecially when listing your property online is a relatively cost effective process (but getting more expensive by the week it looks!)

But … there has been instances where the good old paper run does have its benefits. In particular demographics, Travel properties and the upper echelon of architecturally designed properties, I would argue there still is a place to submit to print. When you are dealing with sometimes millions of dollars, you do not want to leave any stone unturned.

A case in point was an elderly lady picks up a domain in an advertisement run in the paper, and knowing her son and his wife were looking for a property in a particular area, she phones them up and tells them about it. They actually had not seen the property, they then viewed it online, loved it in person and struck me down, bought the place the next week. How many emails do you receive daily? If your alerts or settings were not in place, it is easy to skim over the email and not take note. That's all it took, a simple phone call from a passive buyer to initiate the process in converting a passive buyer into a red hot one. It does not happen all the time, but it certainly does happen, and could mean an extra $ 50,000 in the auction room or a quicker than expected sale, at a great price.

So to answer the articles heading, yes we see relevance in paper advertising, but in individual circumstances and property specific demographics.

In saying that, we would love to hear your thoughts on Facebook or twitter on all the above !!!

Some useful facts and figures:
• At the end of December 2011, there were 11 million mobile handset internet subscribers in Australia, an increase of 13.6% from June 2011.
Source – Australian Bureau of Statistics
• Behind Singapore, Australia has the highest smartphone penetration in the world at 37 per cent and we're also consuming more apps, the research revealed. Australians have on average 25 apps on their phone (eight of which are paid), versus 23 for the US and Britain.

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