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Game Consoles History and Basic Information

Video game consoles have come a long way, and as technology gets advanced, the games also get better. However, the different games took time before they could be available to gamers, and the following is a look at the game console history.

One of the commonest game consoles is the Marnavox Odyssey, and it was first released in the year 1972. This game is actually regarded as the first home video game console, and was designed by Ralph Baer, ​​who had a working prototype completed in the year 1968. Suffice it to note that the prototype used is known as the "Brown Box". Unlike most console games, Odyssey is one of the games that is analog, instead of digital, and this has made it a popular one with most people. Beside, it is powered by batteries. This is a silent console, and it lacks sound capabilities.

The other game worth noting is the Atari PONG, which was released in the year 1975. This was released after the original PONG coin op, by an engineer known as Harold Lee. The Magnov Odyssey 100 is another game console. Indeed one can not talk of game console history without talking about this console, which was an analog system that used four Texas instrument chips, unlike the cartridges commonly used. What is unique about this console game is the fact that a simple switch was used to select games, with the system being powered by 6 batteries or an AC adapter. It had fixed knobs, and there was no digital screen one could use to see the scoring. This means that players marked their score with little plastic cursors. But as technology got advanced, on screen screening was added. The very first Magnavox system to have digital on screen was the Odyssey 300, back in the year 1976.

Another game console history is that of the Antari Super PONG, released back in 1976. The PONG franchise has continued to release some superb home versions, and the super PONG is an example. With this version, players had the option of selecting 4 different variations of the games in PONG, sure way of getting entertained for endless hours. This Antari version had eye catching features and color, plus an ear catching sound due to their built in speaker. These features, simple as they may seem are what distinguished the Antari from other common versions, some of which did not even have sound.

Fairchild Channel F was released in the year 1976, and was the first video game system that could be programmed. It had a plug in cartridge that contained a ROM and microprocessor code, instead of dedicated circuits. Although this model was not very popular, it was a huge step ahead, and many successful systems borrowed some features from it. Fairchild did release about 26 cartridges, all of them different, with each capable of holding four games each.

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