YMCA Weston Nursery Southampton missing chickens

YMCA Weston Nursery Southampton missing chickens 1541301903

NURSERIES all around the UK keep their own animals to teach children compassion and care.

One nursery in Weston, Southampton, hatched a pair of chickens from eggs to help with their pupils development.

But now, the two hens have gone missing.

Peggy and Barbara, two Hampshire New chickens, went missing from their coop at YMCA Weston Nursery on Wednesday night, October 24.

It is believed the chickens were either stolen or released from the coop as a gate for the coop, which is reported to never used by staff members, was left wide open and there are no signs of an animal attack.

Roxanne Sargent, a room lead from YMCA Weston said: “YMCA Weston staff, children and parents are devastated that the chickens have gone.

“We raised the chickens from eggs, we are all very fond of them and they have been beneficial to the children’s development as they helped care for them.

“We are sad that there appears to be an increase in vandalism at the school grounds during unoccupied times and we still hope that Barbara and Peggy will be found”.

They were last seen in their run Wednesday, when staff went in to feed them and check on them.

A social media post on the YMCA Weston’s page read: “The staff are heartbroken and the children will be upset too.

“We all love them very much and they are very beneficial to the children’s development.

“This is not the first time we have had issues in our garden during the holidays or weekends and we are so upset that they someone could behave in a way which would harm animals.”

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Both of the chickens have had their flight wings clipped which means they cannot fly.

The staff have reported that someone has been in the nursery garden and opened a door to the coop that is never used by staff.

One social media user said: “The children loved these and watched them hatch from eggs.

“Some people are just cruel.

“Hope you find them.”

If you have any information contact Katy or Aly at Woolston nursery on: 02380441648.

Source : DailyEcho

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