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Video Game Tester Requirements

1. You should be 18 years and above: You are required to be at least 18 years of age before you can be allowed to perform a game testing task. Sometimes the 18 years minimum age requirement varies. Some testing firms also accept individuals that are 15 years and above, you just need to check the age preference at their advert.

2. You are required to have a professional resume: You are required to have a professional resume. This is not all about having any resume but a resume that contains your gaming experience. The more number of years experience you have in game testing the more you increase your chances of getting the testing job.

3. You must own or know how to play video games like consoles, computers or others: when you are asked for interview, you will be asked such questions like; how many consoles do you own, how many years have you being playing video games, what types of games do you play, and what are the game titles you've played. As you can see, if you can not play video games, then there's absolutely no way you can be able to test games.

4. You must have a PC: this depends on the type of games you are going to test. If it's a computer game that you will be assigned to test, you are required to own a computer. Owing a pc can be waived for certain set of individuals, especially if you would be allowed to test at the firm's testing room.

5. You must have an experience in testing video games: this is by far the most important aspect of the requirements for a game tester. Having experience about testing games does not relay on how many consoles or years you've been playing but it depends on your ability to work with consoles and be able to detect bugs in them. The best way to acquire experience is to test small games for the web. Another good way to build your experience is to test video games that are developed to aid intending testers. As a video game tester, your main job is to detect bugs and report them. So by testing video games that are made exclusively for testers to learn how to detect bugs and do-it-yourself practice kit made exclusively for learners, you are going to build your own experience and use it to apply to this job.

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