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Set a Traffic Goal and Stick to It

Perhaps you may be just getting started in your quest for more traffic, or perhaps you have been working on it for longer. The point is that you are actively seeking new information that will help you get more traffic to your site. Let’s say that you have just started a website and you need to bring in some high quality traffic to make some sales. Go ahead and set a reasonable goal for how much traffic you want by next month. If you are just starting out maybe going from zero visitors per month to 300 would be a reasonable goal.

Now that you have come up with a goal, you will need to work to achieve this goal. I use several methods for traffic building that I will share with you today. The methods I will share with you are all going to be free. Free meaning that they will not cost you any money.

Start by sitting down and writing a few articles about your site’s topic. These articles should be between 250 and 700 words depending on how well you write and your writing style. Come up with a few issues to discuss in your article and write a paragraph about each. Once you have several articles that you feel confident about you should submit them to a few article directories. Be sure to come up with a creative author bio that will entice the reader to visit your website. Put a link to your site in the bio so your readers can visit your site if they want.

If your articles are approved by the article directory then you should see some traffic coming to your site. Write as many articles as you feel necessary to reach your goal for the month.

Another simple method to increase the visitors to your site is by posting on forums. Search for a forum that is dedicated to the topic of your site. Answer peoples posts with professionalism. Be sure to have a link to your website in your signature. The more good posts you make the more traffic you will see.

The quality of your posts is important. The more you sound like an expert the more people will click your link to see what your site has to offer. Making spam posts and posts that are not meaningful is a quick way to waste your time.

Try these two simple methods out for a month and see what you get. Set new goals continuously. Try to double your traffic every month. Remember that it takes hard work, and the more time you put in the more results you will see. You reap what you sow!

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