This is what political TV ads are focused on where you live

This is what political TV ads are focused on where you live gettyimages 1027430956


President Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, is now trying to get out the vote for Democrats with some shocking allegations about his former boss.

Cohen told Vanity Fair Friday that Trump frequently used racist language in private before he became president. In one example, Cohen recalls telling Trump ahead of the 2016 election that the crowd at one of his rallies was almost entirely white. “That’s because black people are too stupid to vote for me,” Trump reportedly responded. In another instance, Cohen claims Trump, after the 2013 death of Nelson Mandela, said, “Name one country run by a black person that’s not a sh-thole. Name one city.”

That’s not all. During a conversation about The Apprentice, Cohen says Trump talked about his decision not to pick Kwame Jackson as the season one winner. “There’s no way I can let this black f-g win,” Cohen says Trump explained. Jackson himself told Vanity Fair that he had heard that Trump made this comment about him, and Omarosa Manigault, who was also a contestant on The Apprentice, has previously alleged that Trump once called Jackson the N-word. Cohen also claims that when he and Trump were driving through what he describes as a “rougher neighborhood” in the late 2000s, Trump commented, “only the blacks could live like this.”

Cohen, who once said he would take a bullet for Trump but has since implicated him in campaign finance violations and become a Democrat, told Vanity Fair that he’s coming forward with these allegations just four days ahead of the midterms because he wants voters to know that the president’s rhetoric in private is even worse than it is in public. Read more at Vanity Fair. Brendan Morrow

Source : theweek

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