Flights: Revolting moment plane passenger does this disgusting activity in viral video | Travel News | Travel

Flights: Revolting moment plane passenger does this disgusting activity in viral video | Travel News | Travel 1040123 1

Flights aren’t known for being the most hygienic way to spend a few hours – but one plane passenger has been spotted making a trip very repulsive indeed.

A disturbing viral video has filmed a female flier carrying out a grim activity that should only ever be done in private.

Sitting in the window seat of the plane cabin, the woman was captured picking dead skin off the bottom of her feet and dropping the flakes on the floor.

At no point does she stop to consider when the repulsive activity might upset others around her.

The bits of skin she is shedding are being dropped on the floor with little care.

In fact, the woman is scrolling on her phone while she gives herself this gruesome pedicure.

The person next to her is also on their phone and doesn’t appear to be stopping the woman.

No doubt she thought she could get away with the gross activity but the video of the incident has now gone viral.

It was uploaded by Instagram account passengershaming with collects numerous clips of the disturbing things that happen on planes.

Instagram users have been horrified by what the woman is doing on the flight.

Many have commented on the clip to express their disgust at what they’ve seen and to criticise the woman.

“I wouldn’t do this in my living room – this is beyond disgusting!” one person wrote.

“What is it about people messing with their feet while flying? Nasty!” another added.

A third commented on the video: “Some people shouldn’t be allowed to Travel.”

However, some Instagram users were of the opinion the person filming should have stopped the woman.

“Say something instead of filming or film and say something,” one person posted.

Another wrote on the social media site: “See something; say something to these idiots!”

Some shared the opinion that airline rules should prevent such disgusting activities from taking place.

“Why can’t airlines make it a condition of flying that you keep your shoes ON and your feet on the floor?” one Instagram user wrote.

However, while this is not an existing regulation, cabin crew have warned against passengers removing their shoes for their own good.

The gross reason behind this is mostly due to the toilet – you never know what you might step in. One flight attendant who claims to have worked on long haul for six years cautions passengers about loo spills.

“Please do not ever walk into a toilet with bare feet,” they posted on a Reddit thread. “I promise you, nine times out of 10, that is not water on the floor.

They added: “The toilets are often absolutely disgusting and get deep cleaned only at the end of a route. For us, this could be from one side of the world to the other… imagine how lovely they are at the end of a 12-hour flight with 200 people using them.”

Source : EXPRESS

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