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How To Buy Authentic Mitchell And Ness Jerseys On Ebay

There are so many fake jerseys on eBay it's not even funny. I know some of you do not care if you're buying a fake jersey as long as it looks real and you get it cheap. However, for those of you who only want the genuine jersey, here are five tips to help you get the real deal …

1) The best way to avoid buying a fake Throwback jersey is to check the Official Mitchell & Ness website to see if they make the jersey you want to bid on. If you are still unsure then you can call them directly and talk to a representative who will gladly tell you what jerseys they are making and have discontinued.

2) If you can buy an authentic M & N Throwback jersey for under $ 100.00 then there's a 99% chance it is a fake. These jerseys retail for around $ 300.00 and no one can stay in business selling real Throwbacks at these ridiculous prices! This is one case where you do get what you pay for – a fake. So do not buy any M & N jersey if it's $ 100 or less!

3) Look out for blurry pictures where you can not see any of the details on the jersey. Also, most auctions selling fakes do not include close ups of their jerseys. This prevails you from seeing faulty craftmanship such as uneven or crooked stitch lines, different color stitching that overlaps one another, the fake paper tags with the bar code and sale price, faded holograms, and sloppy jock tags (on the bottom left front of the jersey). Some even steal pictures from the M & N website and pass them off as their own.

4) If a seller states NO RETURNS on his auction, beware. The only reason for a no return policy is because you will most likely know you got taken by a scammer and you will want your money back. Do yourself a favor and stay away from these sellers.

5) No doubt you've already heard, China is selling us lots of junk now a days. It's no different with jerseys. If a seller is from overseas, look somewhere else for your jersey. Asia has become the knockoff capital of the world. Look it up on the internet for yourself. Yes, some M & N product is made overseas. All i'm saying is to think twice and do your homework before you buy from overseas.

So there you have it, A crash course on buying Authentic Mitchell & Ness Throwback jerseys on eBay. In my opinion, if you want a real M & N jersey, just order it from their website.

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