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Baby Boomers Dating – More Boomer Online Dating Tips

Baby Boomers dating online is becoming a more popular method each year. Here are a few tips to make it more likely to succeed in finding that special someone.

So lets say you have made a great profile with plenty of photos and interesting information about who you are, what you like to do and what kind of person you are looking for. What is the next step? Here are a couple options of what to do next with some advice on both.

1. You can be the purser and make the first move towards those you find attractive and interesting. This option might not come naturally to some people and others will want to jump right in and start flirting. Here is a simple way to approach someone you are interested in in online dating site:

"Hi, I like your profile and photos. It seems we have a lot in common. Please check out my profile and let me know if you are interested in getting to know me better." That is basically all you need to write. You can add more or change the word to match your personality, but that is a simple example of how to make the first move. Just do not get upset if people do not respond. It happens to everyone. If they do not respond, then just move on.

2. The second option is to let others contact you first. I think this is a good option for men because most of these dating sites have many more men than women and usually the men are more aggressive. If you make a good profile and just sit back and wait for the women to contact you first then you can pick who you want to reply to. This has worked well for me in the past.

By the way, if someone contacts you and you are not interested, you can either just ignore the flirt or reply and say kindly that you are interested. Ignoring a flirt is not bad form in my opinion, but it is totally up to you.

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