Diesel car price rise – Fuel costs soar again in the UK for 17th consecutive week

Diesel car price rise – Fuel costs soar again in the UK for 17th consecutive week 1038416 1

Diesel drivers have been hit with even more bad News as the cost of fuel has risen again.

This marks the 17th consecutive week that diesel fuel prices have risen for.

Average costs of diesel have risen at forecourts in Britain since July 2nd.

Government figures reveal that the cost of diesel now stands at £1.37 per litre.

Filling up has become increasingly more expensive for the past 17-week, which is the longest run since summer 2016.

While new diesel sales have slumped across the UK, there are still around 13 million diesel cars registered on the roads across the country.

Petrol and diesel cars have spiralled in costs over the past few months.

In fact, over the past six months, the cost of filling up a typical 55-litre family car that runs on petrol or diesel has risen by around £6.

The price rise is linked to oil reaching 86 dollar a barrel earlier this month, a significant rise from 67 US dollars in April.

It is marginally better news for petrol drivers as average prices fell by a fraction of a penny in the past week to £1.31 per litre.

Chancellor Philip Hammond confirmed in Monday’s Budget that fuel duty will remain frozen at 58p per litre for the ninth year in a row.

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, said: “The inexorable rise in the cost of diesel over recent months demonstrates how welcome confirmation in Monday’s Budget of a fuel duty freeze will be to millions of drivers.

“While oil prices have retreated slightly in the past couple of weeks motorists are reliant on forecourt operators passing on the savings.”

Source : EXPRESS

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