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Dating Older Women – Tips From An Expert

It's every guy's dream or fantasy, from college to his late twenties, to date older women. I'm not sure if there's something innate in our genes that makes us want to experience it, or it's just one of those things that has become popularized by shows like Cougar Town and movies like American Pie. Many of us just want the experience of sleeping with an older women, or enjoy the fact that they are so experienced in life (know what they want, and tell it like it is.

I have personally dated a lot of older women, and have for the most part found it to be a very pleasant and satisfying experience. Here's some tips I've learned along the way:

1. Older women are horny

A study published in mid 2010 indicated that women between 35-45 are at their peak levels of horniness. This disputes the myth that women are only horny in the late teens and early twenties. So I suggest that you use this to your advantage when considering that the idea of ​​speaking to or dating older women can sometimes be a bit nerve-wracking for youngger guys. When I get nerves approaching an older women (and yes I still do after many many approaches) I just remember myself that she's as horny if not hornier than me, and this somehow comforts me. Of course these days I meet most of them online, so that bypasses the nerve-factor.

2. Tell it like it is

Mature women have been around the block many times. The whole courtship process is a bit passé to them, and from my experience most of them (but not all), they appreciate a guy who knows what he wants, and speaks directly and openly about it. This does not mean you should say 'Hi, let's go back to my place' as soon as you meet them, as that will obviously turn them off. It means you must state and show through your body language why you're speaking to them, what you're looking for and that you enjoy women who are older than you. If you are meeting them online then the same applies, although if it's a casual dating site, then a lot of the 'why you're there' part is already deal with.

3. Tell them you find them attractive

This may go to some dating advice you'll sometimes receive, which tell you to never compliment a woman on her looks in the early stages of dating because this will indicate that you're a nice guy. In my experience, older women are a bit self-concsious that they're getting older, and doubt whether they're still attractive. To tell them honestly that you find them attractive is a major turn on for them, and will earn you a lot of points.

4. Show that you've dated older women before

Ok maybe you'll need to tell a white lie here (although I usually suggest being very honest and sincere), but an older woman likes to know that she is not the 'first' mature lady you've dated or been with. To her, not being with an older women before makes you a virgin (and let's hope you're not one).

5. Be fun and playful but show a defect side

Do not be too serious in your dealings with them, and keep it light and playful. However it's important to show that you do actually have a defect side, as she'll want to be able to hold a decent conversation with you after lovemaking.

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