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The PlayStation 3 Gaming System

Since 2006 there has been a growing field of consumers wanting to get the PlayStation 3 gaming system. When this gaming console hit the market it was considered the most revolutionary gaming console that world has ever seen.

With the ability to store your games in the console itself with a hard drive that has been built into the system, it takes the loading time between scenes to zero. Having no wait time on your gaming sessions is one of those things gamers love to hear.

The PlayStation 3 is also known as the first Blue Ray 2.0 compliant device on the market. This enables you to watch all the best movies in Blu Ray quality without having to buy the expensive Blue Ray player. No other gaming system on the market currently can offer these things. The Playstation3 gaming system has reached new heights in the gaming industry by putting strong standards to work.

One of the most talked about aspects of the PlayStation 3 system is the Network ability it has. With the advent of the PlayStation Network you have the ability to not only play multiplayer games with all of your friends but you can actually buy games online and download them to your PS3 system. This takes out the hassle of going to the store and finding your games. Some people live in small towns and they do not have stores that carry all the game titles that are available.

Instead, they can connect to the network and download them. Saving it to the built in hard drive allows them to play their games when they want and do not have to worry about losing the disks. Sony really hit on something good when they decided to turn this idea into reality, and most gamers highly enjoy the flexibility of downloading games rather than purchasing them through stores.

If you are looking at buying a gaming system for yourself or a family member, you should look into the Playstation3 system. Once you see all the things you can do with it and how much fun it is to play, you will probably not want to even bother looking into other game systems.

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