WATCH: Little girl horrified when she spots THIS disgusting sight on a plane | Travel News | Travel

WATCH: Little girl horrified when she spots THIS disgusting sight on a plane | Travel News | Travel 1037513 1

A viral video has captured a horrible sight spotted by a mother and her baby on board a plane.

The grim clip shows a little girl who is Travelling on a plane for the first time.

The inaugural trip has been ruined, however, by the rude passenger sitting in the seat behind the little girl.

The flier has rested his bare foot on the back of the baby’s armrest so it comes through into their seat space.

Half of the person’s foot can be seen by the mother and her child, and the sight clearly disturbs the girl.

The video shows her trying to get as far away from the offending body part as she can while remaining in her seatbelt.

She looks at the foot in both fascination and horror before eventually bursting into tears.

The clip was uploaded to Instagram account passengershaming with the caption: “This is Madi. It is her first time on an airplane. Some a*****e just ruined flying for her… for life.”

Instagram users have been shocked by the clip and have criticised the passenger for their behaviour.

“This poor child, that would be my reaction,” one social media user commented.

Another said: “She’s disgusted just as I am (sic),” while a third wrote: “How traumatising for the baby!!”

Various Instagram users said they would have pushed the passenger’s foot off while others said they should be wearing socks.

Passengershaming shares numerous photos of passengers doing shocking things during flights.

Another video captured a woman giving herself a foot pedicure during the journey.

The disgusting video – which doesn’t show the woman’s face – shows her carrying out the unpleasant activity next to another passenger. 

She rests her left foot on the knee as the scrubs the dry skin from her feet with a foot file.

The woman shows no concern for the flakes of skin which will be falling onto the floor.

Bizarrely, the person sitting next to her – whose face isn’t shown – doesn’t appear bothered by the grim grooming.

Social media users have been outraged by the passenger’s actions and have shamed the woman online.

One Instagram user commented: “Have a little decency and quit acting like an animal – some things are meant to only happen at home or the salon – didn’t your mama teach you any manners!”

“That’s just nasty!” another said. A third posted: “That’s gross and in extremely poor taste.”

Source : EXPRESS

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